NBS update BIM Object Standard for use across UK and Canada

Phil Withington, Senior Software Developer, Drew Wiggett Head of Product Information, Joanne Pringle Director of Global Product Management and Matt Price Software Developer – part of the UK NBS team who’ve worked on the project.

NBS has updated its BIM Object Standard for use across both the UK and Canada.

Since acquiring Canadian-based Digicon last year, NBS has been working to understand how they can support customers who work across both markets.

After a consultation with various companies, NBS has announced that the new BIM Object Standard is now live on its own UK site –  theNBS.com – along with Canadian sites www.nationalbimlibrary.com/ca and www.theNBS.ca.

The unified standard will benefit UK manufacturers which serve both the UK and Canada. Updating their objects in the NBS National BIM Library to the updated standard means their objects will be found more easily by users of the library in Canada. In addition, specifiers who have projects across both countries can use one global library, written to one internationally-recognised standard.



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