New App Launched to Support Construction Worker’s Mental Health

A new collaboration between the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity, construction software firm ‘COINS’ and ‘Building Mental Health’, is aiming to address mental health in the construction industry with a new ‘Construction Industry Helpline’ app.

The app, which is 100% confidential, will be launched on Friday 7th December 2018 at the Charity’s annual Christmas Lunch at the Westminster Park Plaza Hotel in London. It will provide information, advice and guidance on wellbeing topics including stress, anxiety, depression, anger and suicidal thoughts.

Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity said, “The app is aimed at construction workers and their families. We recognise that not everyone feels comfortable talking about their feelings so the ‘Construction Industry Helpline’ app is aimed at people who would like to more information about how they can help themselves or if necessary, take the next step in seeking professional help.  It is a preventative tool and provides support at the initial stages of a situation so that the problem does not reach a life critical stage.”  

The Lighthouse Club are already helping to drive change through a variety of mental health and wellbeing support programmes – but realise that there is still a long way to go before the culture in construction removes the stigma about talking about mental health and wellbeing. By providing a free app, which can be downloaded by anyone in the industry, The Lighthouse Club hopes to combat this.

COINS, who have over 35 years of developing software solutions for construction companies, are also passionate about giving something back to the industry. COINS CEO, Robert Brown, added, “Collaborating with the Lighthouse Construction Industry in building this important app to help support construction workers and their families has been a privilege. It is great way for COINS to give something back to the construction industry and hope that it will be a great help to both construction workers and their families when they need it the most.”

How will the Construction Industry Helpline app help?

  • Users will be guided through a series of questions to help gain a basic understanding of what their issues are and depending on the answers provided by the user, the app will:
  • Offer learning and give detailed information about various well being conditions from reliable expert sources
  • Provide assessment tools to help the user understand what is normal and what is not for each condition
  • Provide self help tools and offer easy to use coping strategies that will help users to be proactive in relieving the signs and symptoms of many of the conditions
  • Guide the user to gain confidence about a condition to the extent that they may feel comfortable talking about it.
  • Provide clarity in a complex environment about welfare and wellbeing topics and deliver a refined list of contacts for accessing ongoing support

You can download the Construction Industry Helpline app on Google Play or the App Store today.



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