New Figures on Buildings With Unsafe Cladding

THE NUMBER OF HIGH-RISE residential buildings with ACM cladding in England has fallen to 310, down from 315 in December 2019.

The figures, released by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, show that of the buildings unlikely to meet Building Regulations yet to be remediated in England, 86 are social sector and 175 private sector.

Of the social sector buildings, 75 have started remediation, 10 have a plan in place without having started work, and one is developing a plan.

Of the 175 in the private sector, 32 have started remediation, 100 have a plan in place without having started work, and 43 is developing a plan.

There are another 20 private sector buildings where the cladding status is yet to be confirmed, down from 24.

Remediation works have now been completed on 141 buildings, up from 135 in December.


Most of the buildings with ACM cladding unlikely to meet building regulations yet to be remediated are in London and across London boroughs, with more than 20 in Tower Hamlets, Greenwich and Newham

A significant number are in Greater Manchester, with more than 20 in Salford, and between 11 and 20 in Manchester.

There are also between 6 and 10 in Liverpool, Sheffield and Leeds.

Once buildings with ACM cladding systems are identified, local authorities work with fire and rescue services to ensure that interim safety measures are in place and to ensure that the buildings are remediated to comply with Building Regulations.



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