New ‘Passivhaus Plus’ Scheme Underway

PLANS FOR WHAT HAS been described as a new benchmark in energy efficient housebuilding for North West England have been showcased as construction gets underway.

Dubbed as “Passivhaus Plus”, it is thought the new four-bed home in the Charlesworth will be the UK’s first Passivhaus plus project to include cold zones within the PH envelope.

The home will use 75% less energy than its equivalent built to UK’s current building regulations, and will use 90% less energy compared to the majority of UK’s current housing stock.

Studio Tashkeel have been brought on board mid-way through this exciting build and are eagerly working away on finalising many of its environmentally friendly features.

Muthahar Khan, founder of Studio Tashkeel Architecture said, “this was a fascinating project to work on and a real challenge to deliver the level of sustainability and efficiency demanded by the client.

“To achieve this, we have looked at every detail and brought in inspiration from other projects around the world to deliver this new approach to a modern home, not just looking at the here and now, but also futureproofing it for technologies yet to come.”

Power generation

“Passivhaus Plus” is achieved when energy is generated by the house from renewable sources such as photovoltaics or wind turbines. The house must be able to produce ≥60 kWh/(m²ground*a) to be exact. This means that this unique home will have the resources to produce more energy than is actually needed to power the whole house.

“Having been appointed mid-way through the project meant that the house had been approved by the planning department with a good level of detail agreed, however we needed to elevate its Design and Sustainability to another level to achieve the new benchmark for Passivhaus Plus projects in the UK,” added Muthahar.

“Once complete, the property will not only stand as symbol of what is possible for sustainable architecture but will be 75% more energy efficient than an equivalent house if built under current building regulations and 90% more energy efficient when compared to the UK’s current building stock – a huge achievement for home building sustainability standards.”

To find out more about sustainable architecture from Studio Tashkeel visit the company’s website here or call 0161 694 6375.



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