NFRC Rolls Out Approved Training Centre Membership to Roofing Colleges

THE NATIONAL Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC) is rolling out an Approved Training Centre (ATC) membership scheme to roofing training organisations across the UK.

The trade association says it is aiming to ensure even and consistent roofing training for its members nationwide by developing the ATC scheme.

The ATC scheme follows the introduction of RoofCERT which certifies that individuals are qualified as roofers. Part of their certification depends on roofers completing six mandatory courses and passing the ‘gateway’ test.

NFRC says by signing up colleges, training groups and roofing companies to offering RoofCERT courses and tests, they will ensure the training their members and other individuals access is high-quality and uniform, avoiding the sporadic and geographically uneven provision of the past.

Training model

Leeds College of Building’s roofing division, which last year was designated as a Centre of Excellence by the NFRC, has been identified as a training model which the NFRC hopes to see replicated across the country.

Steven Laurence, who took up the post of NFRC National Account Manager for Suppliers and Services at the beginning of this year, said, “Over the last 15 years we have developed a good working relationship with Leeds College of Building roofing division to the betterment of roof training. LCB’s roofing division is the one we most want to see emulated in UK roofing training provision through the network of FE colleges. We are working on putting that infrastructure in place to deliver the uniform and high-quality training roofers need.

“By becoming an ATC, colleges enter a gateway to develop new revenue streams from RoofCERT training.”

Steven explained that a coherent network of roofing training across the country is growing organically and expects roof training groups and roofing firms offering training to be included in the ATC scheme. He said, “The roof training groups are an important and respected part of roof training provision. Becoming an Approved Training Centre will help to give them the recognition they deserve.”



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