NFRC’s SkillBuild Roofing Hub Attracts Hundreds

HUNDREDS OF YOUNG people attended the National Federation of Roofing Contractor’s (NFRC) Roofing Hub at SkillBuild from more than 100 schools.

The first ever NFRC Roofing Hub at the SkillBuild finals, which took place at the Birmingham NEC on 21-23 November, offered five ‘have-a-go’ challenges, as well as virtual reality tours and clay carving.

Developed by the NFRC and partners, as a culmination of its roofing roadshow at colleges, which coincided with the SkillBuild regional heats, the Roofing Hub was created partly as a response to the lack of roofing information at last year’s event.

Simon Dixon, NFRC’s Training Officer, said, “We took the line that if no one else will shout about it, then we will have to and so working with our partners in industry we created a space where young people could learn about roofing and get involved in practical challenges.”

According to the NFRC, the analytics from this year’s competition show that the largest percentage of visitors are 14-15-year olds, which is the perfect age to promote roofing as a career.

Bob Richardson, NFRC Head of Technical, said: “The fact that 82% of young visitors completed all five tasks is testament to how well-engaged they were with the NFRC Roofing Hub and goes to show that there is a real appetite young people for getting involved in practical careers like roofing.

“The event also showed the passion and commitment that the NFRC and its partners have for attracting the next generation of talent.”

Industry backing

The Roofing Hub itself had the support of BMI, CUPA PIZARRAS, Hambleside Danelaw, Marley, SPV Group and Wienerberger, who supplied materials and attended the Roofing Hub throughout the event.

Stuart Black, Sales Manager at CUPA PIZARRAS said, “It was an absolute pleasure for CUPA PIZARRAS to support the NFRC Roof Hub and Skillbuild.

“The three days really gave me a great feeling for the future of the UK industry and especially the future of the roofing sector.

“I was massively impressed by the attendees both from the wider roofing industry and the visiting children, who showed real interest and excitement in roofing as a career.”

Kate Whatley, Commercial Director at SPV Group, said, “It was a fantastic event and the NFRC and its partners should be incredibly proud.

“It brought the industry together fantastically and I am confident we inspired a lot of new possible entrants to the industry.”



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