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Who are we?

OptiTec Ltd is a single-source systems provider of waterproofing and protection packages across the UK. With over 70 years of in-house experience and a team of innovative designers, manufacturers, and roofers, we deliver excellence every time, at affordable prices.

We offer a range of new and traditional waterproofing systems, allowing architects, contractors and building owners to choose the system that will best suit their project, with our expert team always on-hand to provide technical support and guidance.

Our products have all been developed to provide exceptional quality and longevity, with lifespans of 25 years and beyond – an OptiTec roof is sure to stand the test of time.

We also provide guarantees when requested and can supply BBA Accreditation on project completion, so you’ll have total peace of mind with OptiTec.

Our Waterproofing & Protection Systems

OptiFlex Range – PU & PMMA Liquid Waterproofing Systems

Our OptiFlex range consists of three types of liquid waterproofing system: a standard (OptiFlex-20), a rapid (OptiFlex-Rapid) and a car park spec (OptiFlex-Traffic).

OptiFlex liquids are a versatile and popular choice, and with a system to suit every project – it’s not hard to see why! Our liquid systems are fast-curing, single component waterproofing membranes which are applied with a brush or roller for a seamless and fully bonded finish without the need for a mechanical restraint to the roof substrate.

Find out more about OptiFlex liquid waterproofing systems here.

OptiPlan Range – PVC Single Ply Waterproofing Systems

The OptiPlan range consists of a fleeceback, fibreglass-reinforced system (OptiPlan-FB) and a mechanical fix, polyester-reinforced system (OptiPlan-MF), which are made from premium quality plasticised polyvinyl chloride (PVC-P).

These systems offer exceptional resistance to a variety of weather conditions and protection from UV rays, and can be installed year-round due to excellent flexibility in cold temperatures.

Find out more about OptiPlan PVC single ply waterproofing systems here.

OptiTorch-Premium Range – Bituminous Felt Waterproofing Systems

OptiTorch-Premium is available in either a torch-on or self-adhesive application, making it the ideal system for a range of projects.

Both of these applications can be installed year-round due to not being affected by the weather and they provide excellent, long-term UV resistance. The OptiTorch range also contains special additives to protect from root growth, making these systems a very popular choice for many of our customers.

Find out more about OptiTorch-Premium bituminous felt waterproofing systems here.

New felt roof from OptiTec Ltd

OptiBond – Hot Melt Waterproofing System

OptiBond is one of the highest performing hot melts on the market for full waterproofing protection. The major advantage of this system is that the method of laying hot melt eliminates the chance of lap failure and the possibility of water ingress beneath the system.

Developed with a number of benefits in mind, OptiBond is highly flexible with self-healing capabilities and able to withstand heavy loads, making this one of the most robust systems on offer.

Find out more about our OptiBond hot melt waterproofing system here.

OptiGRP – Glass Reinforced Plastic Waterproofing System

OptiGRP is a cold-applied fibreglass system with a seamless and flexible, weatherproof finish that is resistant to water, heat and frost. GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is extremely durable, lightweight and flexible with the capability to mould to any shape.

OptiGRP has been developed to produce the perfect all-weather protection for your flat roof and is easy to install for both domestic and commercial projects.

Find out more about our OptiGRP waterproofing system here.

Other Systems

We also offer a range of other products and systems including:

  • OptiSafe – a variety of roofing safety and protection solutions for working at height
  • OptiLiving – our living roof applications to turn a standard flat roof into a stunning and environmentally friendly green roof
  • OptiPave – an ideal solution for turning an accessible flat roof space into a usable leisure area by adding our paving to balconies and roof decks – particularly good for urban areas where outside space is at a premium
  • OptiDeck – this is our complete composite decking solution for accessible flat roofing areas, available in 3 finishes and 8 colour choices to create the perfect outside space to enjoy

For more information on any of these systems, click here.


OptiTec Ltd provides extensive and ongoing training on all our systems, either at our Head Office in our specialised training facilities, or on site if required, to ensure that our OptiTec Ltd Contractor Network continues to deliver installations at the highest quality.

We offer a range of courses, catering to both large and small companies – even those who are just starting out! We have also recently introduced a brand-new training course which has been designed to educate around using our products, learning the fundamentals of estimating prices for projects, gaining a basic understanding of architect drawings, and ultimately, acquiring certification as an OptiTec Ltd Approved Contractor.

We also provide full support from our Technical Team throughout the courses – we pride ourselves on the fantastic service and level of education we provide, so you’ll always feel confident training with OptiTec.

More Information About OptiTec

For more information, to make a general enquiry or to request a quote, please call us on 01268 944054 or email info@optitec.group and we will be happy to help.




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