PermaRoof Commercial Reports Major Contracts in First Year

PermaRoof Commercial

IN ITS FIRST year, PermaRoof Commercial reports securing several major contracts, including an appointment as a specification supplier for a bespoke architect’s ‘House on Stilts’ in Bevere.

After focusing on the domestic EPDM rubber flat roofing market for the past two decades, the company expanded into the commercial sector in December 2020.

Since then, PermaRoof’s commercial arm has secured or completed 20 tenders and specifications on a host of UK projects, with a further 37 in the pipeline for the remainder of 2021. Having almost completed a four-product solution at St Andrews in Northampton, PermaRoof is now making progress on a private school 3,000m2 installation and Leeds University.

Sunny Lotay
Sunny Lotay, PermaRoof, National Commercial Manager

Sunny Lotay, national commercial manager, said: “It’s fantastic to see just how far PermaRoof Commercial has come in the first seven months. The scale and volume of the different tenders we’ve undertaken goes to prove that there’s not only an increasing demand for our services and specification support but also reflects the value of our expertise throughout the industry.”

PermaRoof’s diversification formed part of the firm’s strategy to increase and deliver large-scale installations. It has already been bolstered by a number of projects – including the announcement of a 500m ² Firestone RubberGard EPDM installation at Imperial College, London.

Adrian Buttress headshot
Adrian Buttress, Managing Director, PermaRoof

Adrian Buttress, managing director, said: “After having specialised in Firestone membranes for more than 17 years, I’m thrilled to see PermaRoof Commercial already forging such a strong reputation in such a short space of time. The calibre of tenders Sunny and his team are winning is a real testament to this and I’ve no doubt that this is just the beginning of a really exciting venture for PermaRoof.”

In recent weeks the team has moved to phase two of works to improve Hull Hospital ICU’s flat roof, which involves a three-product solution. It has also started phase one of a 3000m ² business park and airport in Scotland. A new website has been launched to underpin the practical work carried out on the ground and to separate the commercial work from PermaRoof’s residential arm.

Sunny added: “I am so proud of the vast variety and scale of projects being completed by our team. From the initial design right through to the end user walking into the building, our role is to support the entire lifecycle of a built-up flat roof project.

“The vision is to be recognised as a leading commercial flat roofing supplier within just two years and our new website will help to support this. It’s been incredibly rewarding for me spearheading the commercial division and I’m looking forward to seeing what 2021 and 2022 onward holds for us.”

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