Philip Gets His Gold Medal as Skillbuild Issues Statement

PHILIP HOUGHTON has been presented with a Skillbuild gold medal, becoming joint winner of the 2019 roofing competition.

Philip, who is an apprentice at Avonside Roofing, Braintree was finally presented with the top award on Tuesday 3 December at the Eastern Region Roof Training Group where he is a roofing student.

Jordan Condren, joint gold medal winner of Skillbuild 2019.

He joins existing gold medallist, Jordan Condren in the top position. Jordan is an apprentice at Hodgson Sayers and student at Leeds College of Building.

Philip missed out on being given his gold medal with the other medallists at the Skillbuild award ceremony on 23 November, after the scores of the roofing finals were wrongly recorded.

A statement has been issued by the Skillbuild organisers – CITB and WorldSkills UK – about the mistake that led to Philip missing out on his award.

The CITB and Worldskills statement reads:

“On the 23th November at the final of the Roofing: Slating and Tiling competition an administrative mistake meant the results were not recorded correctly which led to one of the joint winners not being announced in the results ceremony. While the error was put right as soon as it was discovered, we acknowledge the confusion and disappointment it caused to the finalists.

“We have written to apologise to the individuals affected by this mistake, and the gold medallist who missed out on the ceremony has since been presented with his medal in a separate event.

“We have undertaken a review of what went wrong and have taken the steps necessary to ensure that such a mistake will not happen again. The error was administrative rather than due to any shortcoming on the part of the judges, who gave their scores correctly.

“We will not be making any further comment on this matter.”

Extensively criticised

The Skillbuild roofing judges correctly recorded their scores, but these were logged incorrectly in the Skillbuild scoring system.

The blunder only came to light at the prestigious award ceremony that is the climax of the three-day competition and is held in front of a thousands-strong audience. When the roofing judges realised the Skillbuild organisers had got it wrong they immediately raised the alarm.

Skillbuild was extensively criticised last week after the organisation failed to inform existing gold medal winner Jordan Condren of the error before it contacted Philip. Jordan was left to find out about what had happened by reading a Twitter post.

Philip Houghton with his gold medal winning competition work at Skillbuild 2019.

Outstanding Achievements

Now, Philip Houghton has not only been presented with his joint Skillbuild gold medal win at the Eastern Region Roof Training Group’s premises, but he also won Avonside Group’s Apprentice of the Year 2019 last Friday.

Branch Director for Avonside Braintree, Steve Blake commented, “Phil has been a fantastic employee, and has represented himself, Avonside Roofing and his training provider Eastern Region Training in the best way possible with these outstanding achievements.

“We would like to personally congratulate Phil on placing first and winning the gold medal. Hopefully he will now go on to represent Team UK in 2020 and we wish him the best of luck for the competition. We will be supporting him all the way.”

Earlier this week, Jordan Condren, together with bronze medal winner, David Crank were each given £500 vouchers by their employer, Hodgson Sayer for their outstanding work and medal wins.



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