Powered Access Key Part of Supply Chain During Lockdown

headshot of Peter Douglas IPAF CEO

POWERED ACCESS OPERATIONS remain a vital part of UK construction, facilities, processing and logistics supply chains, and companies should continue to operate during the lockdown, says the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)

Peter Douglas, CEO & MD of IPAF, says: “During the first lockdown last year, IPAF successfully lobbied the UK Government, Build UK and the UK HSE to secure important guidance and assurances that our members provide a vital means of safe work at height on construction sites and in maintenance, logistics and processing tasks, and as such their operatives were exempt from the stay at home advice.

“IPAF has worked hard to develop its own safety best practice guidance to ensure day-to-day operations, operator training and back-office functions may continue without companies needing to close their doors.

Powered access training

“IPAF’s Training Centre network in the UK remains open for business, and can now offer the widest possible range of eLearning and remote instructor-led courses.

“It is important as we move through the next few weeks and months that all IPAF member companies and trained operators, managers and delivery drivers are able to operate as usual. There is no excuse for compromising on safety when working with powered access to conduct temporary work at height, and IPAF can offer a range of materials and advice to aid compliance with the latest Covid-security protocols.

“All of the safety guidance we have issued since the pandemic began is reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. IPAF members and PAL Card holders can be reassured they can continue to travel to work and to access Build UK sites. Likewise IPAF Training Centres are able to continue to assist new candidates and existing PAL Card holders requiring new category or renewal training.”

See IPAF’s website for more information.



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