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Roofing Today is committed to protecting your privacy. The kind of data Roofing Today collects is not of the sort defined as Sensitive Personal Data in the Data Protection Act 1998. However, the Data Protection Principles set out in Part 1 Schedule 1 of the Act are adhered to. This means that, in particular, data will not be passed to third parties without permission.

Roofing Today Privacy Notice

i. This is a privacy notice written in accordance with the rules of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

ii. Roofing Today Magazine is published by Construction Media Publishing Limited. All references to Roofing Today should be read as also referring to Construction Media Publishing Limited.

iii. Roofing Today collects information in order to send Roofing Today magazine to its customers and readers. It also emails a news e-Bulletin and, occasionally, updates about Roofing Today or a roofing product or service.

iv. The data Roofing Today holds about individuals is not sensitive and is of a business or corporate nature usually already publically accessible, for example on a business website or social media. In a very few cases Roofing Today may hold more personal information, such as a home (rather than business) address. Where this is the case, the information has been provided by the individual.

v. Every care is taken to ensure information records are kept securely in a password-protected database on a secure server.

vi. Roofing Today does not share information about its customers or readers with any third party unless permission has been given. Permission is normally given in two contexts:

a. By entering a Reader Offer, the winning readers’ information will be shared with the Offer business so that they can supply the goods or service that the reader has won.

b. When a reader requests further information via the Roofing Today Reader Enquiry Service, their details will be passed to the company whose information has been requested in accordance with the request.

vii. Information is processed and held by Roofing Today at its premises: 31 Seymour Street, Seymour Terrace, Liverpool L3 5PE.

viii. If Roofing Today holds information about you, you have the right to request to see it. If you wish to request to see the information held about you may write to the above address or send an email to enquiries@roofingtoday.co.uk. The information will be supplied free of charge unless onerous or large volumes of requests are made, in which case a reasonable processing charge will be applied.

ix. If you wish for the information held on you to be amended or corrected, please make your request by post or email using the contact details above.

x. You also have the right to request that Roofing Today no longer contacts you. This will mean that Roofing Today will not send you a magazine, news e-Bulletin, or any other communication about its products and services.

xi. However, Roofing Today will still hold a record with your data in a separate suppression list to ensure you are no longer contacted. We may also re-contact you periodically to ask if you wish to re-subscribe as a reader or customer.

xii. Roofing Today will continue to hold information where it is in its legitimate interest to do so. For example, if a debt or contractual obligation is outstanding.

xiii. Information held by Roofing Today consists of individual names, business position, business name, address and contact details such as telephone number or email address. Customer records also record the history of purchases by that customer and any relationship to clients or representatives.

xiv. Information about customers and readers comes from a variety of sources: a number of publically accessible sources such as social media, websites and directories; subscription requests by email, post, telephone or in person, or by other direct contact with Roofing Today, for example at an event or meeting.