Product Launch: Hambleside Danelaw Announces MidVerg20


AFTER THE very popular reception of the InVerg Plain Tile Interlocking Dry Verge System last year, Hambleside Danelaw is eager to announce the launch of the new dry verge system, the MidVerg20.

Designed to prevent weather ingress and reliance on mortar at the roof edge, this dry verge system is compatible with all interlocking plain tile types and suitable for use on new build or refurbishment.  The MidVerg20 is manufactured by Hambleside Danelaw to suit all single lap interlocking plain tiles between 200mm and 260mm batten gauges.

MidVerg20 in Production
MidVerg20 in Production

Hambleside Danelaw is a British manufacturer, with the Danelaw brand producing a wide range of ancillary roofing products in a factory in Northamptonshire. Hambleside Danelaw has a passion for innovation, developing new ideas and proposals to maximise the quality and choice available in the roofing industry.

The MidVerg20 system comes with a 15-year service life guarantee, and provide a fixing for the verge tiles for use in the wind zones 1 to 5 in accordance with BS 8612:2018 Table C.1.

To find the MidVerg20’s data sheet and installation recommendations head over to our website.  If you have any questions you can get in touch at

Contact Hambleside Danelaw on 01327 701 900 to find out more information about the Family Verg options.

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