Protect Your Workforce from Accidents Onsite

Accidents on construction sites are unfortunately still a common occurrence. During 2016/17, over 64,000 injuries were reported in the construction industry, in which 49% were from falls from height, and 24% were from slips, trips and falls.

Whether an injury is serious or not, it can still have a major impact on a businesses’ reputation and can, in the worst cases, lead to a site closing down.

Bradley Markham, director at Bull Products, a manufacturer of life-saving fire protection equipment, shares the top three products to protect your workforce to the highest standards.

  1. First Responder Stations

Construction companies can end up spending thousands of pounds on equipment but having a first responder station on site offers a cost-effective solution and ensures there is no compromise when it comes to health and safety.

No matter what the requirements, first responder stations are fully customisable to suit a company’s needs, whether it’s signage, emergency plans, a first aid or spill kit – companies can have all the equipment they need right at their fingertips. Additionally, the responder stations can be moved around with ease to ensure your site is protected when and where it matters the most.

First Responder Stations offer an all-in-one solution for a business’s fire, first aid, and spill needs.

2. Fall Arrest

It’s important that businesses put preventative measures in place to limit the impact of a fall from height in the first place.

Even for businesses with excellent site safety records, accidents can and do happen, and falls from height cannot always be 100% prevented. What is required is a way to limit the impact of a fall, should the worst happen.

A fall arrest system is designed to cushion the fall and reduce the risk of injury to workers in the event of an accident.

3. Signage

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that ‘all workplaces must have adequate safety signs to point people towards fire-fighting equipment, emergency routes and emergency exits’.

Having the correct signage will make workers aware of fire hazards and risks so that they can respond swiftly in an emergency.



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