Regional Roof Training Groups Rise to the Challenge

Michelle Workman, Chairperson of the UK Regional Roof Training Groups discusses the continuing need for cooperative and efficient training to improve productivity and competitiveness in the current challenging times.

Michelle Workman, Chairperson of the Regional Roof Training Groups

AS THE NEWLY appointed Chairperson of the Regional Roof Training Groups, I am proud of the achievements of our groups over the past couple of years, and excited to be involved in future plans and initiatives.

Although all operating independently, all the groups agree that there is a need to increase training and development in difficult economic times.

1,000 contractor companies

Collectively, with a contractor client base in the region of 1000 companies, it makes sense for us to encourage investment in continued training and development. This will ensure retention and recruitment of the best candidates, and to strive towards a sustainable and competitive growth as we emerge from lockdown.

Right now, even more than at other times, companies need to have the right people with the right attitude and skills, in the right place. This is not the time to cut budgets or defer training programmes, it is an opportunity for employers to gain a competitive edge providing they have a well-trained workforce.

Performance and productivity

Training is also important to individual employees, as well as to the long-term health of an organisation. It can increase morale and productivity by engaging individuals and teams in training and development. Employees canlearn skills to enable them to perform their job at a higher level and become more involved and committed to the company, which has an immediate impact on job performance and an increase in job productivity.

Fully-funded e-learning

Classroom-based training has been affected and is likely to continue to be for the foreseeable future. So, we are supporting group members by looking for more cost-effective and safe methods of training using both virtual and e-learning methods (including offering fully funded e-learning opportunities), enabling both training providers and learners to minimise potential impact to their health and well-being.

HSE & various government departments are bombarding companies with new requirements and procedures, so in line with the usual legal duties, compliance is the order of the day, which clearly means training staff quickly and effectively.

The ten Regional Roof Training Groups are ideally placed to continue to help their member companies overcome the current challenges.

Our future plans and initiatives can help your business through this time

Specialist Applied-Skills Programmes (SAP) liquid, heritage, roof slating and tiling, sheeting & cladding/ Lead Bossing & Welding courses/ Flat roofing apprenticeship trailblazer/ Estimating course tailored to Roofing/ OSAT Roofing NVQs/ Leadership & Management workshops/ RoofCERT testing/ Suite of Roofing Careers resources/ Continued attendance at career & school events/ Regular updates to roofing members/ Catalogue of E-learning courses/ Promotion of Apprenticeships / Assistance with CITB Skills & Training applications/ Foundation Programmes for Roof, Slating & Tiling/ On-line roofing learning for schools/ Practical roofing activities for schools.

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