Renolit Looks to the Future with the Young Architects Competition

THE Young Architects Competition (YAC) has been launched, with Renolit, the global specialist in plastic roof and waterproofing coverings, as one of the main sponsors.

The challenge for YAC competitors is to design a railway station for the Chinese city of Xi’an.

A 25,000 euro cash prize will be given to the best ideas for energy saving while using cool roofs able to reduce the harmful effects of urban heat islands while maintaining maximum freedom in the architectural design of the roof. The design must use innovative solutions,  to maximise the energy efficiency of buildings.

Renolit is offering a 2,000 euro additional prize for the ‘honourable mention’ winner.

Luca Gottardi, Renolit Marketing Manager

“We chose to support this competition, in keeping with new global trends in the construction industry, to encourage development of innovative, efficient, added-value solutions for tomorrow’s world,” said Luca Gottardi, Marketing Manager of the Renolit waterproofing and roofing division.

Although quite contemporary, Xi’an retains an ancient charm as the location of three historic Chinese emporers and situated at the start of the Silk Road. By 2023 the city will see extra urban development of 17,000km2. The Xi’an Train Station will be set in this context and its design will be inspired by the creativity of the young architects involved in YAC.

The intention is to take inspiration from the most widespread principles of energy sustainability. The design must take advantage of expert technical solutions, eco-compatible design strategies and elegant integration of architectural and natural elements.

Entry to the competition opened on September 23rd, 2019 and will close definitively on December 15th, with delivery of the papers scheduled for December 19th. The results of the winning projects will be published on 10th February 2020.



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