Repairing Flat Roofs in the Domestic, Commercial and Industrial Sector

IF YOU are looking for a long term repair solution to flat roof damage, suitable for most substrates, Rizistal’s Acrylic Polymer Roof Repair Coating is the ideal choice for contractors who need a really tough, yet flexible and seamless coating.

So easy to apply in wet or dry conditions, a thorough stir in the can and the coating can be poured directly onto the roof and, using a squeegee, can be smoothed evenly over the surface right to the edges of the roof. Leave it to cure for 48 – 72 hours and you will have a heavy-duty, durable solution.

Rizistal’s RF790 Acrylic Polymer Roof Repair Coating is a solvent based acrylic compound which incorporates synthetic fibres. This is an easy-to-apply plastic coating and is ideal for asphalt, bitumen, concrete, brickwork, slate, metal and plastic roofs.

Applied like paint, it is super adhesive and just one coat offers incredible stretching properties across even large roof areas. This is especially effective to combat building movement and changes caused by extreme temperatures as some other coatings can crack and break down in extreme conditions.

Roof preparation is also simple and a simple sweep and clearing of debris should suffice. Whilst it has excellent crack bridging properties, deeper tears and damage may require a pre-treatment with Rizistal Roof Repair Mortar, just to even out the surface.

To recap:

  • Any weather application
  • Provides a watertight membrane layer
  • Easy to apply
  • Quick coverage over large areas
  • Covers 1 – 2m2 per 1kg
  • Available in 5kg or 20kg
  • Can bridge cracks up to 5mm wide
  • Incredible stretch
  • A durable, heavy-duty solution
  • Better than bitumen based products
  • Priced from £40
For more information visit the Rizistal website.