REVIEW: Dickies Cameron Safety Boots

PERSONAL PROTECTION equipment is key for any roofer to complete a job safely. With a well-known reputation in the industry for producing top quality, durable products, Dickies Cameron Safety Boots are no exception to the company’s ongoing range of quality on-site workwear.

With most safety boots, you usually need to make a choice: you can opt for lighter boots that may not be as robust or provide insufficient protection, or you can choose a heavier boot that offers the steeliest of defences against all that a construction site can throw at it, but that weigh your feet down. However, Dickies seem to have overcome this Hobson’s choice with a light-weight solution that protects your feet whilst still providing a robust and safe boot.

So let’s take a closer look at the Dickies Cameron Safety boot.

Firstly, the Cameron Safety boot is steel toe-capped and rated as S3 WR SRC, meaning it is fully waterproof (just like our roofs!) anti-static, slip resistant to fuel and oil, it’s energy absorbing and has non-metallic anti-penetration underfoot protection. In other words, these boots are made for walking – on to any site!

Ankle support is extremely important to any roofer. Perching on battens and walking pitched roofs means a roofer’s ankles can take a battering, yet the Cameron boot provides excellent ankle support with a fully cushioned and padded ankle cuff for extra comfort. The tongue too is padded, so tying the laces to get the fit just right won’t mean your boots are any less comfortable.

It would seem Dickies have really hit the nail on the slate with the boot’s material choice. The boot’s upper is leather which will allow your feet to breath and an inner removable – and replaceable – foam insole with a breathable membrane makes it perfect for those searing summer rooftop temperatures! Something your other half may well appreciate when you take your boots off at the end of a long day!

Last, but definitely not least, the tread: possibly the most important part of a workwear boot. The mid-sole cleated design allows for excellent traction, ensuring a tight grip on all surfaces in all kinds of weather conditions, while still allowing plenty of mid-sole flex.

If its value for money you are looking for, these boots won’t make you hit the roof (except professionally of course!). Priced at £52.50, the boots compare well to other similar rivals on the market. Available in black, brown and honey, the Dickies Cameron Safety boot looks good without breaking the bank.

Head to the Dickies workwear website to order a pair now.



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