Revolutionising Roof Space Ventilation to Alleviate Condensation

REMOVING THE NEED to work outside, Kima’s retrofitted roofing vent is set to make the lives of the nation’s roofing contractors a whole lot easier when working to remedy roof-space condensation.

Roof ventilation - with roof underlayRetro-fitted in minutes from inside the attic or loft, the KimaAir Inside-Out can be used with all types of underlay (up to 25mm) providing the perfect solution for contractors and their clients, saving both considerable time and money.

By doing away with the need for external works, scaffolding or the removal of tiles, the project duration, and costs, can be dramatically reduced.

No special skills are required to fit the Kima Inside-Out: the fitting can be undertaken quickly and easily by both trades people and competent DIYers.

In order to see just how simple it is, and how it can revolutionise your next roof ventilation project, take a look at the 2-minute installation video:

Key Features of the KimaAir Inside/Out Retrofitted Roofing Vent:

  • Simple, one-person installation
  • Fitted from inside the roof space
  • Tight and secure “Snap-Lock” fitting
  • Ventilation area: 56cm2
  • Enhanced roof aesthetics – concealed beneath the tiles
  • Can be used with all types of underlay from 0.2mm – 25mm
  • Installed between the rafters
  • Saves time, money and resources

KimaAir Roofing Vents are available through over 500 specialist roofing and builders’ merchants, both in-store and online. For your nearest stockists, or to receive technical and installation information, please email

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