ROCKWOOL Launches New Flat Roof Zoning Tool

zoning tool

ROCKWOOL has unveiled a new flat roof zoning tool designed to help specifiers and roofing contractors balance performance criteria, regulation compliance and design targets when choosing insulation. Hosted on the ROCKWOOL website, the tool has been created in recognition of the increasing prominence of flat roofs in contemporary building design.

The purpose of the tool is to simplify and optimise insulation design. This is by zoning flat roofs according to how each area will be used. Through the application, users start by drawing a plan outline of the roof. They can then create zones before setting properties for each area. Via the tool, details can be incorporated including rain noise performance (BB93); airborne noise reduction; thermal performance; and product mechanical strength. Once inputted, the tool then recommends the best ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation for each roof zone.


Commenting on the launch of the new Flat Roof Zoning Tool, Will Wigfield, Product Manager of Flat Roofs, ROCKWOOL said: “Today, roofs are seen as the fifth façade of a building and are more complex in their design. A single roof, for example, might be a bar or restaurant terrace and an energy generation source for solar PV.

“This tool helps specifiers select the right insulation for each zone’s specific needs, which saves lots of time and potential confusion.”

With time-saving at its heart, the ROCKWOOL Flat Roof Zoning Tool allows results to be easily exported. They can then be integrated into wider design and specification plans. Projects can also be saved and amended later should there be changes in design or performance needs.

ROCKWOOL have also created a new Flat Roof Resource Hub. This comprises a wealth of technical literature, CPD learning modules and links to the latest Building Regulations for the fifth façade.



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