ROCKWOOL Opens Second USA Insulation Factory to Meet Surging Demand

Rockwool Jefferson county USA - insulation

WHILE THE MATERIALS CRISIS rages in the UK, commercial production of stone wool insulation products has been ramped up in the USA.

ROCKWOOL has opened its newest manufacturing facility in Jefferson County, West Virginia. The factory will produce more stone wool insulation for the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

It is North America’s first post-pandemic increase in stone wool insulation manufacturing capacity.

Insulation Demand US

ROCKWOOL Group CEO Jens Birgersson says, “In the United States as in Europe and Asia, there is a growing demand for ROCKWOOL’s non-combustible, recyclable stone wool insulation. The West Virginia facility will help meet that demand in North America.”

Rory Moss, President of ROCKWOOL North America, adds, “Our customers are looking to us to satisfy the growing demand for our insulation products, and we will be aggressively ramping up production over the coming months to deliver for them.”

The new factory has hired 110 new employees to date, and expects to take on another 40 in the next few months.

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