Roof Tile Manufacturer Wins Latest MOD Contract

MoD re-roofing scheme

PITCHED ROOF TILE manufacturer, Russell Roof Tiles, has won its first Ministry of Defence (MOD) re-roofing project in Oxfordshire – the latest in a long line of MOD contracts.

The manufacturer created a specific delivery schedule to hit extremely tight deadlines supplied by the main contractor, leading infrastructure firm Amey. With an estimated completion date of Autumn 2021 the development is part of the Army Basing Programme (ABP) in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire.

MOD Contracts

Russell Roof Tiles has previously supplied for MOD projects, including working with Lovell Partnerships Ltd to deliver 917 homes for the MOD on Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire as part of the £250m development programme.

At the time, the manufacturer supplied £1m worth of pitched tiles and accessories from its Commercial Range – Grampian in Slate Grey and Double Roman in Terracotta. The contract had to run with military precision to achieve the strict delivery and programme deadlines.

The manufacturer also supplied 350,000 Grampian tiles for 346 Service family homes as part of a £150m Project Borona redevelopment of the MOD Stafford base. The project saw new barracks accommodation as well as new offices, workshops, shops and leisure facilities.

The Army Basing Programme (ABP) is a £1.8 billion capital infrastructure programme. It delivers Service Family Accommodation homes for Service personnel and their families, as well as refurbishing key infrastructure.

It is providing the facilities to enable nearly 100 Army units to relocate, reconfigure, disband or re-role. It is helping to deliver the Government’s Strategic Defence and Security Review commitment to bring all units back from Germany.  This programme includes funding for accommodation improvements and will provide about 1,500 new homes for Service families. It includes 4,500 new single living accommodation bed spaces and working, technical and training infrastructure.

James Pendleton, Regional Sales Director at Russell Roof Tiles said: “This is the first re-roofing project we’ve delivered for the MOD in the south of the country and we are proud to be involved in the project, ultimately improving the standard of living for troops returning to the UK.”



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