Roof Training Group Collaboration Brings Outstanding Results

THIS YEAR has seen difficult times for all in the roofing industry in one way or another.

Not least, the UK’s Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) Training Groups have seen a reduction in funding during this year, as part of CITB’s cost cutting exercises.

Despite receiving reduced incomes from CITB, the Roof Training Groups have joined together to produce some outstanding results in the past six months.

The E-Learning Project has delivered over 3,000 training courses to almost 1,000 roofers across the UK. Training groups promoted courses (which were funded by the Roofing Industry Alliance) towards the end of the first 2020 lockdown and take up by roofers was excellent.

RoofCERT progress

The courses were chosen to complement RoofCERT requirements and many learners have progressed towards RoofCERT competence through this route.

RoofCERT Mobile Testing has also been delivered by Roof Training Groups in several areas, following an initiative by groups which provides capacity for additional testing in England, Scotland and Wales.

Richard Coles, Managing Director of BPR Roofing Services in Barnsley completed all six RoofCERT mandatory courses, as did his eight staff members.

Training and Assessment

Assessor and Trainer Upskilling is a high priority and Roof Training Groups can support delivery of courses to develop training and assessment capacity across the UK.  Places are limited, but please contact your local training group for further details.

This all sits alongside the day to day operations of groups, which include advising companies, sourcing training and funding, ensuring best value for companies, encouraging take-up of apprenticeship and trailblazer courses and encouraging new recruits through schools engagement and the government Kickstart Scheme.

If you need advice on training contact your local training group – they can help!

UK Roof Training Groups



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