Roofers Least Likely to Have Had Vaccine

Occupations receiving vaccine graph

ROOFERS are one of the occupational groups least likely to have had the vaccine against coronavirus, according to figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The data reveals that around one in five (20.8%) roofers and tilers in England aged 18 to 64 have not received a vaccine at all. They are followed by beauticians, telephone sales people and bar staff amongst occupational groups with the greatest proportion of people who have received no vaccination.

The figures also show that just 42.6% of roofers, roof tilers and slaters have received all three vaccinations – just two out of every five in the trade. This compares to 64.9% of all adults in the UK, as at 31 December 2021.

Roofers Vaccine

Classified as an occupation that requires working in close proximity to others, the low uptake amongst roofers, slaters and tilers of the covid vaccine is despite the fact that 14% of the 50,200 UK roofing workforce is over 55 years old and more vulnerable to severe illness and death as a result of becoming infected by Covid 19.

Roofers are not alone in the lack of vaccinations amongst tradespeople either. For all jobs, regardless of how nearby they work to other employees, the highest level of non-vaccination was estimated to be among people working in “elementary construction occupations” – such as carrying building materials and digging trenches – with nearly one in four (23.2%) likely to have received no doses.

Some of the non-close-proximity jobs with high estimates of non-vaccination were scaffolders and riggers (22.3%) and bricklayers (15.7%).

The figures are likely to have been influenced by older age groups being prioritised to receive the booster vaccine in autumn 2021, with younger adults being offered a jab only towards the end of last year.

A surge in infections in December, driven by the Omicron variant of Covid-19, might also have affected vaccine take-up.

People are not able to receive any doses of Covid-19 vaccine within 28 days of having had the virus.

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