Roofers Warned Van Overloading Invalidates Driving Licence

Roofers are being urged by experts to make sure they are not overloading their vehicles and invalidating their driving license.

Many young drivers may not be aware that their license limits them to driving vans that weigh less then 3,500kg when fully loaded – including the weight of the driver themselves, experts at warn.

The rule only applies to motorists who passed their driving tests after 1 January 1997. Those who are planning on exceeding the given weight must take an additional driving test.

Many van drivers fail to factor in the weight of their van’s load and instead wrongly assume that just because the van itself is below 3,500kg they should be safe.

Most medium sized vans typically weigh around 2,000kg. However, a fully loaded vehicle, along with the weight of a one or two-person crew, can easily exceed the 3,500kg limit.

If a driver was involved in a road accident and their van was found to be over the weight threshold they would not be qualified to drive it and therefore their insurance would be invalid.

Now is urging its customers to visit a local weighbridge to check their van’s fully loaded weight if unsure.

Tim Alcock of said: “Some younger van drivers may not realise the restrictions their driving licence places upon them.

“Most are aware that they can only drive vans with loads up to 3,500kg but many believe as long as their van weighs less than that they are okay.

“If you consider a van making deliveries could be loaded up with boxes weighing 70kg each, it would only take around 20 boxes plus the weight of the driver, to be reaching the permitted weight limit.

“Another common mistake that less experienced drivers make is to fail to factor in their own body weight and that of any passengers.

“The 3,500kg limit on their driving licence includes everything inside the van.

“If drivers are concerned they should visit their local weighbridge for peace of mind. It’s a simple process to make sure they are under the weight limit and that therefore their driving license and insurance is valid.

“It’s definitely worth checking out because if they do go over the limit even by 1kg they are effectively driving without a licence or insurance and could find themselves in trouble with the police.”



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