Roofgiant Launches VELUX Window Selector Tool to Help Customers Find the Correct VELUX Window

TRYING TO DECIDE which VELUX window is suitable for a project can be hard at the best of times, which is why online roofing merchant Roofgiant has developed a tool to help customers do just that.

The VELUX window selector has been developed to guide customers through a simple five step process, encouraging them to choose the size, finish and glazing options they require. At the end, a single window or a small selection of windows will be presented, leaving them with a simple choice of which one to buy.

The tool was developed using the knowledge of Roofgiant’s roofing experts combined with the expertise of their web development team.

Elaine Gardner, Commercial Manager, said: “We know how difficult it is for people to understand which window they require, and we also know that VELUX is a well known brand when it comes to roof windows.

“We decided to develop this tool so that customers can choose and checkout online without needing to speak to our sales team.”

Sales boost

Roofgiant has already seen an increase of 40% in sales of VELUX windows and expect that number to rise as more and more customers come to their website to use the tool.

“We’re very pleased with the numbers so far, and the feedback we’re getting from customers is that they’re finding it really useful. Even customers in the trade who know their stuff have been using it, as it’s so quick and simple, saving them time on every job”, Elaine said.



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