Roofing Merchant Reveals the True Cost of DIY

HOME IMPROVEMENT has proved more costly than thought, according to a recent study by roofing merchant, Burton Roofing.

The study, that was compiled from data collected from the Office of National Statistics and a survey of 1,000 UK homeowners, found that the average UK household will spend £1,150.24 every year on DIY attempts. This equates to a total of more than £31billion (£31,229,016,000) estimated to be spent on putting up shelves, refitting kitchens and hanging picture frames every year.

Burton Roofing fixed together a rundown of how much is spent on DIY, per household, per year:

London – £2,626.00
Southampton – £1,960.40
Bristol – £1,606.80
Norwich – £1,570.40
Liverpool – £1,326.00
Manchester – £1,326.00
Nottingham – £1,310.40
Leeds – £956.80
Sheffield – £956.80
Birmingham – £712.40
Cardiff – £629.20
Newcastle – £603.20
Edinburgh – £603.20
Glasgow – £603.20
Belfast – £462.80

DIY projects may not just be detrimental to the wallets of homeowners. Latest figures from NHS Digital show that there were 62,895 hospital admissions in 2017-18 related to DIY accidents. Falling from ladders, contact with non-powered hand tools and falling through floors were just some of the injuries listed.

Paul Hattee, managing director at Burton Roofing, commented on the findings: “Whilst it is heartening to see so many people trying their hands at DIY, it is important to keep in mind the importance of properly planning out a project, however big or small. As our competition has highlighted, there are a number of ways a DIY project can get out of hand, with the possibility of damage to property as well as injury to those involved.”



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