Samac Brings Innovative Lead Replacement Product to the UK Market

SAMAC IS DELIGHTED to be bringing lead replacement system Rooftec Flex to the UK market for the first time.

Already widely used across Europe, it provides a high-quality replacement for traditional lead, the use of which has issues such as its toxic properties and theft due to the high scrap prices.

Unlike other lead replacement products, Rooftec Flex is made from the extremely durable EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer), a material that is already extensively used in flat roofing systems.

Exceptional strength
With a core of expanded aluminium mesh, it has exceptional strength, flexibility and life expectancy, is lightweight, available in long roll lengths, quick and easy to install, and is suitable for use anywhere that lead would have been the traditional option, such as chimneys, dormers, ridges, roof abutments, valleys and skylights.

Additionally, with EPDM and aluminium both being environmentally friendly materials, Rooftec Flex is a suitable choice to add to sustainable product ranges.

James Robinson, Sales and Marketing Manager at Samac, commented: “We’re always looking for innovative products to add to our ever-expanding range, and we’re delighted to have become the only UK distributor of Rooftec Flex. It’s the EPDM that makes it stand out from other similar lead replacement systems, as it’s a material that’s already tried and tested by those who will be using it, making it an easy option to switch to.”

Samac also supplies the necessary Rooftec Flex fixings and accessories.

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