Scaffolding Company Turns out in Support of Colleague

A SCAFFOLDING company which works across Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire turned out in support of a colleague and ex-serviceman on Remembrance Sunday.

Royston Scaffolding Ltd was on hand to aid the Remembrance Sunday commemorations in Royston in support of Richard Wright, who previously served in Iraq.

Accounts Manager Jacqueline and her 6-year-old Grandson, Jesse also showed their support by raising money for the Poppy Appeal and joining in the tributes at their local Remembrance parade in Royston with which Richard was taking part in.

Richard Wright served in the army for almost ten years and was a Corporal (Section Commander) during this time he was deployed to Iraq.

While on service, Wright was once struck by lightning.

The ex-serviceman, now a Trainee Scaffolder said, “I don’t recall much of the incident but I do remember when I was airlifted I was keen to see out of the window at the incredible view! I count my lucky stars and I try not to dwell on it too much as there are other servicemen who aren’t always so lucky.”

Partner at Royston Scaffolding Ltd, Elliott McGrath said, “We’re so grateful to have Richard on the team here. Ex-servicemen can provide so much to ours and others’ industries and Richard is an excellent example of that.

“Scaffolding day-in-day-out is a tough job and Richard’s teamwork and leadership skills not to mention his humour are incredible.”



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