Scottish Government Leads on Net Zero with Solar Policy

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SOLAR is a critical part of the Scottish Government’s and Green Party’s draft policy programme to decarbonise the Scottish economy.

The document outlines the joint commitment from both parties to confront some of the greatest challenges faced in Scotland to date, responding to the climate emergency, supporting economic recovery and strengthening a green and fair recovery from the global pandemic.

Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “Scotland has a more ambitious target on net-zero than the rest of the UK, so we are looking forward to working closely with the new government to ensure solar energy can play a full part in the race to cut carbon emissions. The opportunities are huge, from a new generation of solar parks, to co-location with wind farms, large rooftop schemes and using onsite solar to decarbonise heat and transport.”

The policy forms a cooperation agreement between the Scottish Government and the Green Party. Solar is playing an important role in the plan to reach 2030 climate obligations.

Scottish Solar

Solar Energy Scotland Chair Thomas McMillan said: “As the cheapest, most readily deployable renewable technology, with substantial benefits for the economy and helping to tackle fuel poverty, it is time for the sector to be allowed to grow and flourish. Scotland’s solar opportunities could see deployment increase 15-fold by 2030, and this would deliver a solar sector in Scotland proportional to what is being achieved elsewhere in the UK.”

Solar Energy Scotland is calling on Government to set a minimum solar deployment target of 4GW by 2030, with an ambitious Government delivering as much as 6GW over the next decade.

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