Selecting the Right Technologies and Support for Your Roof

Roof and roof lights either side - right technologies and support

Mike Vaczi from Soprema UK, the specialist in building envelope solutions, discusses how the company aids integrated, project-focused specification and works collaboratively with delivery partners selecting the right technologies and support to achieve the best outcome.

While many roofing manufacturers supply multiple roofing technologies, few develop and manufacture all of them in-house. Fewer still offer integrated manufacture, supply and technical support for a full suite of building envelope solutions, including a wide range of VCL, thermal insulation, acoustic insulation, primers, adhesives, waterproofing membranes and accessories.

But Soprema UK, part of a global company that has 31 waterproofing plants and 30 insulation plants worldwide, with a further 8 under construction, has all of that capability.

The company also has roof light and solar PV panels and will soon have increased the number of research and development centres it has worldwide to nine, driving innovation in high performance, easier to install, sustainable and natural products that deliver buildability, value for money and choice.

Soprema solar panels on a flat roof - right technologies and support
Soprema offers roof lights and solar photovoltaic (PV) panels.

The Right Technologies and Support for Every Roof

Soprema’s approach to specification, technical support, and customer service throughout every phase of any new build or refurbishment project is to understand the specific design, performance and commercial criteria at each phase of delivery and provide a tailored response to the brief.

With early engagement, our technical experts can embed value in the specification process with solutions that often integrate the complete roof build up with single source supply and, just as importantly, with a single point warranty.

By working with the specifier at design or design development stage, our experts can put forward optimised solutions, which may include a hybrid approach to waterproofing involving different technologies from across our range. Those solutions include our Sopralene bituminous membranes, Alsan liquid-applied membranes, Flagon PVC and TPO synthetic roof coverings and Duoflex hot melt structural waterproofing.

Beautiful modern balcony waterproofed with Soprema Alsan liquid waterproofing
Soprema’s Alsan liquid-applied membranes.

This pragmatic approach to cherry picking the most suitable combination of products from across our portfolio to deliver the right solution for the project, also takes advantage of the varied insulation technologies within the Soprema range, which encompasses the Sopratherm range of PIR insulation, the Sopra XPS insulation range, the Pavatex range of woodfibre insulation and Soprema’s mineral insulation and acoustic insulation solutions.

Our warranties include every Soprema product in the roof build-up within the same warranty, giving the specifier, contractor and end user a streamlined supply chain, joined-up quality assurance and single point accountability for the roof’s performance.

The Soprema product range also includes roof lights, green roofs and solar energy installations, providing a complete one-stop-shop for a vast array of design criteria and end-user requirements, with joined-up technical support and customer service. For contractors on site, this not only means a single point of contact but also a smoother order fulfilment and delivery process, with co-ordinated customer service and technical support.

It also means that the compatibility of every product used as part of a complete roofing solution on all projects is verified and warrantied. Many of our systems have been tested in combination as a complete solution, comprising AVCL, insulation and membrane, to provide peace of mind for ease of installation and performance of the finished project.

Tests to Broof (t4) standards on many roof build-up combinations from the Soprema range of building envelope products also provides a credible evidence base for fire safety, with verification of no penetration of the roof system within 60 minutes. In preliminary tests, after withdrawal of the test flame, specimens burn for less than 5 minutes and flames spread less than 0.38 m across region of burning.

Insulation in a wood loft
Soprema’s Pavatex range of woodfibre insulation.

Technical support

Technical support is a valuable and integral element of the Soprema approach throughout the design and delivery phase of roofing projects.

For new build projects, we work with specifiers to get under the skin of the building, the occupier’s requirements and the location, so that we can recommend the most appropriate combination of solutions. This involves understanding the design and structure of the building, its intended use, the architectural context of the location and the surrounding buildings. With a full understanding of the project, Soprema experts can work collaboratively with the client to develop a specification that meets the project’s performance and commercial requirements, while also complying with industry standards.

For refurbishment projects, a Soprema technical sales manager visits site to carry out a full roof survey, which considers the existing roof build-up, details, abutments and penetrations, and includes core samples to ascertain the condition of the legacy roof and assess whether there is any water tracking below the existing covering. Once again, it’s an approach that invests time and provides expert advice to ensure the specification is tailored to the demands of the project.

For both new build and refurbishment projects, the expertise of the Soprema team goes hand in hand with the added value services we offer, including CAD design of details, U-value calculations for the insulation, drainage calculations and wind uplift calculations – all allowing the selection of the right technologies and support to ensure a successful project.

Roofer installs flat roof insulation
Installation of Soprema’s XPS insulation.

Site support

Once a job is live on site, Soprema’s joined up approach to integrated specification and installation support also assists smooth project delivery. Our approved installers are trained by us and we are confident that they can deliver an exemplary installation across all elements of the roof build-up and for all Soprema technologies. However, site visits from our team help to ensure that quality assurance processes and effective collaboration are built into the delivery phase. This enables us to offer troubleshooting advice for any challenges or complex detailing and ensure that the final inspection and issue of the warranty is as smooth and straightforward as possible.

Trusted Expertise

Soprema’s products and expertise are proven for construction and civil engineering projects around the world. They encompass projects large and small; from the roof of a single building to tunnels, bridges and subterranean structures. Our building envelope solutions for commercial buildings leverage the research and development of the robust solutions required for industrial and infrastructure projects, ensuring we have the integrated technology and expertise the UK’s roofing sector can trust.

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