Sharmans Launch Two New Online Tools to Help its Contractor Customers

WITH OVER 30 years of experience in the gutter and roof sector, working alongside its network of Approved Contractors, Sharmans has launched two contractor support tools to make life easier: a Budget Quote tool and a Surveying & Fitting Guide.

Its new Plygene Gutterline Surveying & Fitting Guide is an interactive digital system that is easy to access on mobile or desktop and provides up-to-date installation and support information for use on site. It has been developed to give a reference point to ensure the liner is both surveyed and installed quickly and easily.

Metal roof survey

Simple to navigate, it takes the pressure off the surveyor by ensuring that he has selected the correct watertight finishing detail, no matter the type of roof. For every metal or asbestos roof build-up, there is an easily identifiable solution which can be selected at survey stage so that instructions can be passed to the installer, minimising errors on-site. The step-by-step guide also includes images and fitting instructions for bespoke moulded components, a guide for when and where to install wind uplift restraints and maintenance instructions.

Sharmans Technical Director Steve Cookson said, “We firmly believe that our Plygene gutterline system is the best solution when it comes to the industrial gutter network. It is simple to specify and install. Using this new Surveying & Fitting Guide will help contractors to ensure that correct survey details and specification are achieved and ensures that the system that arrives on site can be fitted with accuracy.”

Gutter pricing

Sharmans Budget Quote is an online pricing tool that is quick and easy to use and provides accurate quotes for all Sharmans gutter and roof refurbishment systems. It is a mobile and tablet friendly interface, intuitive and provides a guided, step-by-step process that instantly generates an accurate estimate along with a breakdown of materials needed for any project.

Steve continues: “If you’re an Approved Contractor and need to get a quick estimate – our online quoting system will allow you to do this instantly inclusive of a bill of quantities. It has been designed to allow our customers to provide budget quotes for all our gutter and roof refurbishment systems, including Plygene gutterline, Delcote gutter and roof coatings, Seamsil cut edge corrosion and Delglaze rooflight.”



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