SIGnature Rooflights Configurator

SIGnature rooflights configurator

WITH SO MANY rooflight options on the market it can be confusing to know which is the best solution for your project. To help guide architects and contractors through the different options available and simplify the specification process SIG Design & Technology has launched their new online SIGnature Rooflight Configurator tool.

SIGnature rooflights have been developed specifically for flat roofs, low pitched or gently curved roofs where the pitch does not exceed 15°. They can be used with a range of roofing systems including single ply, bituminous, metal, liquid applied and asphalt.

Rob Edwards, Commercial Director at SIG Design & Technology explains: “Rooflights are often perceived as difficult to specify because they typically have many options to choose from including size, shape, glazing, ventilation and opening options as well as a range of kerbs.

“In the case of the SIGnature Rooflight range there are numerous possible permutations to satisfy nearly any project. We have launched our online configurator to help bring some clarity to specifying rooflights, and make it simple for anyone to find the product they need.”

How to Use the Rooflight Configurator

You can use the rooflight configurator online

Selecting your Rooflight in Five Easy Steps!

Step 1 – SIGnature Rooflight

Knowing that each project demands a specific solution, SIGnature rooflights can be configured to satisfy every budget and requirement, making it a very popular rooflight choice.

Available product ranges:

    • SIGnature Trade is our standard specification rooflight and features a dome design with sleek, contemporary aesthetics inside and out. It is a low-rise aerodynamic glazing unit with steep kerb walls allowing for a larger glazing area.
    • SIGnature Reflex is a glazing only unit specifically designed for refurbishment projects.
    • SIGnature Flat Glass is the latest addition to the range and features an elegant flat glass rooflight providing quality features at highly competitive prices.
    • SIGnature Glass Link modules is a system of versatile elegantly designed, factory glazed rooflight modules which link together for a swift installation of unlimited length. Spans of up to 3800mm are possible allowing for large uninterrupted daylight areas.
    • The Mardome Smoke Vent are individual polycarbonate domes which provide natural smoke and heat exhaust and comfort ventilation.

Step 2 – Window Type

You have the option of fixed glazing, vent or hatch openings. This is dependent on your chosen rooflight system.

Step 3 – Size

The SIGnature rooflights range from 600mm x 600mm all the way up to 6000mm x 3500mm depending on the product you select.

Step 4 – Options

You can choose from glazing type, shape, tint, kerb options etc. The configurator will highlight in red to show you options that need selecting. Picking and mixing your options allows you to create an itemised list of choices that will appear underneath the product image.

Step 5 – Speak to the Expert

Once you have selected your system, click on the ‘enquire now’ button. Complete your contact details and send your specification enquiry to us. One of our experts will then contact you to discuss your rooflight option and ensure you have selected the correct system for your project. Don’t worry, your email will only be used in response to this specific enquiry about the rooflight!

Want to Know Which is the Best Product for your roof

There is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution when choosing the correct products for your roof. System choice always comes down to a combination of design criteria, performance requirements and cost and it’s important to find a balance of all three.

At SIG Design & Technology we offer a free, impartial design and supply service for clients, architects, specifiers and roofing contractors which is built around a selection of specialist roofing options. Products include single ply, hot melt, built-up roofing felts and liquids, hard metal solutions, slate, tile, green roofing, blue roofing and rooflights.

As a supplier rather than a manufacturer we work with a wide range of roofing systems from some of the leading roof manufacturers which can meet the challenges faced on the roof. This allows us to select the most appropriate system for your requirements irrespective of the manufacturer preference. Which will enable us to not only recommend the right product for the job, but also provide a smooth, confident guiding hand throughout our 8-step guide, from construction right through to the maintenance phase.

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