Sika’s Rapid-Apply Waterproof Solution Guarantees Long-Term Roof Protection for City Development

Sika-Trocal supplied the easy-apply watertight solution for a multiple-roof application that involved the installation of a stunning communal roof garden.

Altius is a five-story residential block in Latham’s Yard, Hackney, East London. In order for internal works to take place within the new-build property without interruption from the elements, developer Taylor Wimpey required a roof system that offered rapid installation, optimum waterproof properties and was capable of facilitating a communal garden area. Thanks to its superb range of available waterproofing solutions, Sika-Trocal comfortably met each requirement.

Roof installation at the Altius development began in February 2017. Carried out by Contractors T & T Roofing Limited who are a specialist flat roofing contractor within the UK, the project involved the waterproofing of three staircase roofs at the building’s highest level as well as the provision of a watertight system for a communal garden located on the floor below.

For the staircase roofs, Sika-Trocal Type S 2mm was installed to a layer of tapered insulation. Suitable for mechanically-fastened roofs in both new build and refurbishment applications, Sika-Trocal Type S is generally regarded as the most rapid and economic system to install. The 2mm-thick Slate grey membrane was installed across a 400m2 area of the upper roof.

The unreinforced nature of Type S membrane offers exceptional malleability and allows high quality detailing works – the Altius development included a large swathe of PV solar panelling – to be completed to an exceptional standard.

For the 360 sq m lower roof, which incorporated a communal terrace garden featuring soil-filled timber sleepers, planting and artificial grass, Sika-Trocal SGmA Ballasted Roof System was installed with SVB protection. Comprising ballast surface protection, a multi-layer, synthetic roof waterproofing covering, PIR tapered insulation and an s-vap 500e vapour control layer, the system – which was finished with paving slabs set on adjustable pedestals for the Altius project – creates a strong supporting structure that allows a roof to be used as a trafficked area for terrace gardens, balconies, communal spaces and the like.

Thomas Peebles, Director at T & T Roofing Limited, said, “Sika-Trocal’s Type S system was selected for this project because of the simplicity of installation. We needed a trusted quality waterproof system that ensured the building was weathertight in as short a period of time as possible – the Type S system provided exactly that. It’s a quick, fast-moving system that was absolutely perfect for this project.”

Completed in October 2017, within the client’s strict eight-month deadline, the Altius roof project provided a superb example of Sika-Trocal’s quality waterproofing range. Along with its rapid, user-friendly qualities, the Sika-Trocal Type S system comes with a 20-year warranty, thus guaranteeing the long-term performance of this proven, watertight roof solution.



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