Sika’s Waterproof Roof System Provides Long-Term Protection for a Luxury Retirement Community

Sika-Trocal supplied the waterproof solution for a multiple roof installation at a high-end care home development which was stunning in appearance, performance and complexity.

The Hawthorns is a new, all-inclusive, luxury retirement community complex designed to encourage activity and independence in its residents. The four-storey building located in Northampton is an exemplar in style and practically, hence the need for a high-quality roof which enhanced the property’s aesthetics and offered optimum, long-term waterproof protection. In order to achieve this, contractors, Ithaca Roofing, installed Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ system to the building’s two main roofs which covered a 2,300m2 area. Aided by the membrane’s light, easy-handling ability, installers worked quickly and concisely to minimise disruption to other nearby trades and avoid project delays. This required implementing the highest safety standards to eliminate the potential for on-site injury. Initial waterproofing works involved the installation of “loose laid” Sika-Trocal S-VAP 500E, a vapour control layer based on Polyethylene, to the building’s substrate.

As well as installing waterproofing to the roof’s main body, Ithaca fitted its 1.5-metre parapets. This presented a challenge, as each huge section had to fit precisely in order to create a crisp, uniform finish to the building’s edges. A man-safe rail was also installed to ensure future roof inspections or maintenance can be carried out without incident.

The project’s complexity was enhanced with the inclusion of six balconies, two terraces and a car park podium. Each required a high-quality waterproof system in the form of Sika-Trocal SGmA, ballasted roof waterproofing membrane build-up and paving finish.

Lee Dunking, Single Ply Manager at Ithaca Roofing, said, “The retirement community complex is a superb, high-end development. It therefore required a quality waterproof roof system to match. With its easy-handling ability and well-founded reputation for offering long-term weathertight protection, Sika-Trocal’s Type ‘S’ system proved the ideal solution for this project. Our installation team enjoyed working with this excellent system; our clients are delighted with its look and performance.”

In total, 3,000m2 of waterproof roofing was installed during the Hawthorns project. The installation – despite its complexity – was competed ahead of the client’s deadline; with Ithaca’s workmanship, combined with the quality of the Sika products used, ensuring the retirement community complex opened on schedule in summer 2018.



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