SkillBuild 2022 Heats Hot Up for Slaters and Tilers

SKILLBUILD will be putting talented young people through their paces in slating and tiling, as the regional heats get underway.

The first heat has now taken place at Eastern Region Roof Training Group in Baylham, Ipswich, with further heats set to take place at South Devon College, Construction College Midlands, Leeds College of Building, and South Lanarkshire College, with Bolton College hosting the final heat on 23 June.

This year, four sponsors have donated materials for the heats: A. Proctor Group, BMI UK and Ireland, SIG Roofing and SR Timber. Their donations ensure that the competitors are supplied with all the necessary materials to do their best work, from the underlay to battens to tiles and nails.

Organised by the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC), the judging team is Bob Coutts, Matt Timby and Andy Rowlands. They are looking for accuracy in measurement and quality workmanship throughout the six-hour heats, as well as an aptitude for competition. The winner of the SkillBuild National Final may have the opportunity of joining the UK Roofing Team and representing their college, employer and country in international competitions. Senior Judge Bob Coutts will attend every heat to ensure consistent marking.

Bob Richardson, NFRC’s Head of Technical and Training

Bob Richardson, NFRC’s Head of Technical and Training, said: “We wish every apprentice the very best of luck, it’s not easy having your work scrutinised to such strict tolerances, and within a tight timeframe.”

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