Slight Recovery Shown in Concrete Roof Tile Production and Deliveries

Concrete Roof Tile production etc by year graph

THE LATEST FIGURES for the production, deliveries and stocks of concrete roof tile show a slight improvement in all three categories in the first quarter of 2022.

Concrete Roof Tile

Production in the first quarter rose by 9.86% to 4,143,000m2 of roof coverage from 3,771,000m2 in the previous quarter. This brings production levels up to slightly more than half (54.50%) of the pre-pandemic Q4 2019 figure of 7,601,000m2.

Deliveries of concrete roofing tiles were also up in Q1 22 to 3,990,000m2 of roof coverage from 3,694,000m2 – an increase of 8.01%.

Concrete Roof Tile product etc by quarter graph

Much of the production was evidently laid down in stocks of concrete roofing tiles in the first quarter of 2022 which saw a 72.88% rise, from the historic low point of the previous quarter of 1,077,000m2 rising to 1,862,000m2. However, stocks of concrete roofing tiles remain at less than half the level of the pre-pandemic Q4 2019 point, which was 3,999,000m2.

Building Materials Costs Rise by a Quarter

The Building Materials and Components figures come with a record rise of building material costs. The previous two-year average costs rise between 20-22% has itself been surpassed with the Construction Material Price Index all work category running at a spiralling 24.5% over the past 12 months – up by the same percentage on March 2021.

Building materials cost index by year graph

Across the past 12 months to March, new work saw the biggest cost increases of 27.8%, with repair and maintenance at 22.4% and new housing at 19.5%.

Building material costs by category tableThe monthly changes in costs between February and March 2022 were, new housing at 2.1%, repair and maintenance at 3.6%, other new work at 7.3%, with the all work averaged at 5%.

With no construction material price decreases reported in any category, the biggest cost rises were seen for concrete reinforcing bars (63.6%), fabricated structural steel (54.7%) and particle board (40.7%).

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