Solar Energy UK Supports CCC Call for Solar Ambition

rooftop solar ambition

SOLAR ENERGY UK has praised the Climate Change Committee’s call for “long-term ambition” around solar and other renewables as a means to reducing greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Government’s commitment to achieving a net zero economy by 2050.

Solar Ambition

The CCC’s 2021 Progress Report to Parliament points to analysis from the International Renewable Energy Agency finding some solar generation sources are now producing the cheapest electricity in history.

It draws parallels with the International Energy Agency’s recommendation for a rapid build-out of renewables, particularly solar and wind, to deliver a net zero power sector by 2035. The CCC’s recommendations are that renewables need to meet 70% of the UK’s electricity demand in just over a decade – by 2035.

‘Affordable, Proven Technology’

Solar Energy UK Chief Executive Chris Hewett said: “Green NGOs, energy trade bodies, and now the Climate Change Committee are all calling for the Government to be ambitious around solar energy.

“We need to deploy this affordable, proven technology as fast as possible to ensure we can meet the clean power needs of a net zero economy. We will go faster with some timely interventions from Government.”

The report highlights the Contracts for Difference scheme as a proven policy for delivering greater solar energy capacity. However, it states “clarity is needed on the auction schedule and pathway of volumes to be procured to 2030,” echoing the policy recommendation made in Solar Energy UK’s Lighting the way report published last week.

Solar Energy UK is calling on the Government to target 40GW of solar PV capacity by 2030, in line with the CCC’s net zero recommendations. It has outlined several policies that should be introduced to achieve this in its Lighting the way report.

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