Solar Installers Poised to Roll Out Green Home Upgrades via Local Authorities

Courtesy@ Viridian Solar

SOLAR PV AND THERMAL upgrades will be carried out alongside other technologies and building fabric upgrades under the Green Homes Grants Local Authority Delivery scheme. Thousands of households are due to receive the free green home improvements this year under the scheme, it was announced today.

The government has announced that £74million in funding has been allocated to more than 100 local authorities for energy efficiency upgrades taking place by June 2021. Another £126million will be provided to 81 local authorities for works to be completed by September 2021. And a further £300 million has been distributed to England’s five Local Energy Hubs, rolling out home improvements up to December 2021.

Green Homes Grants Local Authorities

Solar PV and thermal technologies will offer an attractive option to local authorities keen to upgrade domestic energy efficiency cost-effectively and with minimal intrusion amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The bulk of a solar installation is conducted externally, on the rooftop of a home, and a single 3.5KW solar PV system typically costs around £5,000 today – less when scaled across multiple projects.

Solar Energy UK chief executive Chris Hewett said: “It is great to see a successful government initiative on green retrofitting of homes. The fact that some social housing will be getting solar power and solar heat installations because of this scheme is especially good news.”

“It shows that integration of low-carbon technologies is critical to any retrofitting programme and government support is still needed to reduce fuel poverty. £500 million well spent, but we are going to need a lot more to boost job creation and the green economic recovery.”

The Green Homes Grants Local Authority Delivery scheme is administered separately to the Green Homes Grants Voucher scheme, which has been beset with administrative issues and the subject of significant industry frustration in recent weeks.



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