Solar Park Go Ahead for Green Recovery and Jobs

PLANNING PERMISSION for Cleve Hill Solar Park in Kent has been approved by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. It will be the largest solar park ever constructed in the UK.

The Solar Trade Association Chief Executive, Chris Hewett said: “The Government has shown that it recognises the vital contribution solar can make to Britain’s energy mix. This is a major milestone on the road towards a UK powered by clean, affordable renewables.”

“Solar has a significant role to play in boosting the economy in the wake of the coronavirus crisis. With the right policies we can expect to see an 8GW pipeline of solar projects unlocked and rapidly deployed, swiftly creating a wealth of skilled jobs and setting us on the path towards a green recovery.”

Solar generation

The development of solar photovoltaic arrays, electrical storage and connection infrastructure, will have a generation capacity of 50 MW.

The solar park, on land between Faversham and Whitstable on the North Kent Coast, was submitted by Cleve Hill Solar Park Limited on the 16 November 2018 and approved on 28 May 2020.



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