Soprema CPD Develops a Taste for Integrated Specification at Sugar House Island

Sugar House Island - Soprema CPD
Picture courtesy of Vastint UK

DEVELOPED AND CONSTRUCTED by Vastint UK, Sugar House Island is an ambitious regeneration project in the Stratford area of East London, which seeks to reflect the dynamic character and diversity of its location.

Sugar House Island

A mixed-use project, it will combine 1,200 new homes with more than 600,000 sq ft of office space, a primary school, a 350-bed hotel, restaurants, cafés and shops, with gardens, courtyards and three acres of open space, including a riverside park.

The project is the work of nine different architects, which brings a variety of styles together, promising a vibrant and inclusive community on the site of a 19th century sugar refinery and a warehouse building, known as The Sugar House, which gives the development its name.

Vastint UK will retain ownership of the development following construction and many of the new homes will be occupied on a private rented or affordable rented basis. As a consequence, the developer has been very keen that the building materials used must offer long-term performance and aesthetics to continue delivering value throughout the lifecycle of the assets. The construction team has worked closely with the supply chain to consider the performance, installation and joined up specification benefits of key materials, including the roofing systems offered by building envelope specialist, Soprema UK.

The Sugar House Island development is being delivered in 12 phases, and the first residential phase, comprising apartments for private and affordable rent, has now been completed. The second phase of residential accommodation is also nearing completion, and highlights the evolution of the roofing specification following collaboration between Vastint UK and Soprema.

Hot Melt

For the first residential phase of the project, Soprema’s involvement was as the supplier of the hot melt system for the 10,000m2 podium deck, which will provide an area of hard and soft landscaping as part of the focus on creating a walkable community with outdoor spaces for socialising and recreation. The project required a robust hot melt system that would offer speed and ease of installation along with excellent long-term waterproofing performance and the durability to enable paving and planting above.

Capable of being installed to zero falls and ideal for inverted roof and podium deck build-ups, Soprema’s Duoflex, BBA-certified hot melt structural waterproofing system was chosen for the deck’s field areas. A high-quality elastomeric bitumen, Duoflex is hot-bonded to the substrate incorporating a reinforcement fleece. The system was installed with Soprema’s technical support to ensure the correct level of coverage for optimum performance and provided with a 40-year, single point Soprema warranty.

The podium deck specification for the first residential phase also required the use of a self-terminating system for the upstands. Soprema’s Alsan 700 cold-applied liquid waterproofing system met the requirements, enabling complete encapsulation of the vertical surfaces and a joined-up specification from Soprema.

The system was installed by roofing contractor, J&B Roofing, a Soprema approved contractor.  Soprema Key Account Manager, David Storrar and the Technical Team supported a quality-assured installation with training, weekly site inspections and a final inspection prior to issue of the warranty,

Vastint UK commented: “By working with a supply chain partner that could offer both the hot melt and liquid system in a single specification, with joined up technical support, we could have complete confidence of co-ordinated supply, compatibility and warranty across both systems.”

Soprema CPD Developing Remit

Following specification of the Duoflex and Alsan 700 systems on the podium deck of the first residential phase at Sugar House Island, the Soprema team approached Vastint UK with the offer of a CPD to outline Soprema’s joined-up building envelope approach and the benefits of co-ordinated specification. The CPD was delivered to Vastint contract managers from all over Europe, along with the team responsible for the Sugar House Island project.

Dave Storrar from Soprema UK comments: “Vastint use Soprema products on projects across Europe so the CPD became a valuable knowledge sharing session for all who attended, with lots of questions  about the systems and how they can benefit a project when used in combination. Along with the ease of installation and proven performance offered by the Duoflex and Alsan 700 products on the first residential project, the CPD was the catalyst for us to get involved with the second residential development during the design development stage.”

Podium, Roof and Balconies

For the second phase of residential development at Sugar House Island, both the podium deck and the roof have been specified with Soprema waterproofing systems.

The specification for the podium deck mirrors the solution provided for the first project, with Duoflex hot melt for the field areas and Alsan 700 for the upstands. For the 4000m2 roof area, balconies, terraces and maintenance walkways,  Soprema’s Sopralene Safe2Torch bituminous system has been specified, as part of an A1-rated non-combustible warm roof build-up with a tapered mineral wool insulation layer.

Sopralene is an SBS modified bitumen roofing system with a polyester fleece reinforcement layer. Soprema’s technical team worked with Vastint UK and three of the architects involved in the development to compile the technical specification for the roof, balconies, walkways and podium deck, which included designing the tapered insulation scheme for the warm roof areas. The specification for a 20-year system also included clear identification of Safe2Torch areas and torch-free zones, with a torch-on Sopralene membrane used for the Safe2Torch areas, and a self-adhesive Sopralene membrane specified for the torch-free zones.

Future Phases

The next project to use Soprema’s building envelope systems at Sugar House Island will be café and restaurant units, which are now in the early stages of construction on site. For this project, a 25-year A1-rated warm roof system has been specified, comprising Soprema’s mineral wool insulation and the Sopralene bituminous membrane. The 40-year Duoflex system will also be used for the podium deck areas.

Soprema is continuing to work collaboratively with all delivery partners, including Vastint UK, J&B Roofing and the architects, to ensure a best-fit approach to specification and high standards of installation as the development progresses.

A Vastint spokesperson adds: “As both the client and the main contractor on the project, we value an integrated approach with our supply chain that focuses on the best outcomes for the project. Sugar House Island is a showpiece development that will provide an environment for future generations to thrive and using high performance building envelope solutions plays an integral role in delivering that goal.”

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