SPRA Council Welcomes Three New Members!

SPRA New Council Members l-r Steve Downey, Danosa; Ian Muddiman, Sika; and Brendan McNulty Delomac Ltd

The Single Ply Roofing Association (SPRA) has welcomed three new additions to its governing Council: Steve Downey, Commercial Director of DANOSA, Ian Muddiman, Head of Applications Roofing, SIKA and Brendan McNulty, Operations Director at Delomac Ltd as the latest members joining the SPRA leadership team.

The SPRA holds elections for its governing Council every two years. A spokesperson said “Although consistency is valued and important, so too are new ideas and fresh approaches that are a natural consequence of new membership.”

The appointment is a first for DANOSA and Steve Downey will be able to contribute the knowledge and experience of his 17 years in the flat roofing industry.

Steve commented, “The combination of flat roofing contracting experience and flat roofing manufacturing and distribution has provided me with an in-depth knowledge of, not only the industry, but also the varied products, as well as the difficulties, we face. Through the SPRA Council, I am looking forward to sharing experiences, learning from others, and working together to achieve continual progress for everyone involved in our industry.”

Contractor contribution
Brendan McNulty has 42 years’ experience in the roofing sector and is no stranger to the Council, having served from 2006 to 2014. However, there have been, and will continue to be, significant changes in the contracting world, and Brendan is keen to get more involved again to maintain contractor contribution in industry standards and SPRA direction.

Brendan said, “During my previous time serving on the Council, I represented the SPRA at NSCC & Main Contractors Group meetings (now Build UK), on the CITB National Occupational Standard Group and many further industry steering groups and other meetings. I am looking forward to once again working alongside my fellow Council Directors to represent all Contractor members fairly and honestly.”

Training and inspections
Ian Muddiman has already enjoyed attending SPRA Council as a Sika representative on a number of occasions. Ian said, “I am very pleased to represent SPRA on a formal level and I believe my experience and knowledge within the industry, especially regarding training, installation and site inspections, will add a valuable balanced input to the Council. I am also looking forward to working with my fellow Council members on the development of future initiatives and working for continuous industry improvement”.

Expert guidance
Cathie Clarke, SPRA CEO said “SPRA is very lucky to have a pro-active Council whose members care deeply about the quality and direction of the single ply sector, and who regularly represent SPRA in the wider industry, as well as contributing to quarterly meetings and SPRA events.

“I am looking forward to working with Steve, Ian, Brendan and all Council members to provide the industry with expert guidance and standards, to influence and support clients and specifiers and to ensure the right training options are available to our workforce.”

Elections for the SPRA Chair and Vice Chair position will take place on the 20th June at the SPRA AGM. All information on SPRA member people, projects and progress can be found on the SPRA website.



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