SPV Group Recognises and Rewards Longevity of Service

LAST YEAR was a significant one for SPV Group as a number of its team members achieved their Long Term Service milestones in 2019.

At the company’s Annual General Meeting held on the 6 January 2020, company directors, Howard Evans, Kate Whatley and Adrian Chapman organised an awards ceremony to honour the career achievements of long-standing employees.

Walsall Football Club

The Walsall Football Club goal keeper, Liam Roberts, was on hand to present team members Jason Burns, Daniel Burns, Michael Crawford, Anthony Connelly, Zac Nicholls and Josh Jones with their 5 Years’ Service Awards.

Also awarded is Stephen Douglas with a 10 Years’ Service Award and Martin Lawrence, Bryan Connelly, Adrian Bennett and Adrian Kinsella with their 15 Years’ Service Awards.

Each received a Certificate of Recognition and a gift voucher to demonstrate the firm’s appreciation for their dedicated years of service.

SPV Group’s Greatest asset

Kate Whatley said, “People are and always will be our greatest asset. All individuals receiving an award embody the company’s values and principles and continue to go above and beyond their roles to achieve excellence.

“The talents and efforts of the team members have helped ensure the company’s continued success and we look forward to celebrating more milestones in the future.”

Team member, Bryan commented: “I have always felt appreciated during my 15 years at SPV, but it was great to receive this award with my colleagues in attendance to share the moment.”



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