SPV Roofer Hailed a Hero for His Bravery and Quick Thinking

Alex Langdell hero roofer SPV Group
Alex Langdell, SPV Group

ALEX LANGDELL of SPV Special Projects, the commercial and industrial roofing contractor, has been hailed as a true roofing hero after arriving first on the scene and helping victims of an accident.

Whilst on call for a roofing project, Alex came to the rescue of three victims who were seriously burnt in a horrific fire accident.

Alex was driving down Syned Road in Bloxwich, near Walsall, at 10.40 on the morning of Sunday 27 March. Hearing a huge bang and witnessing a tremendous fire ball, Alex immediately stopped his work van and pulled over. There were three people, who it was clear were seriously hurt with burns.

Alex had some fire extinguishers in the van – kept for SPV Group’s hot roofing works – which he passed to two passers-by and with their help managed to rescue the three injured victims.

Alex said “It all happened so fast. I heard an explosion, then saw the flames and instinctively knew something really bad had happened.

“I saw a streak of fire and a man running and fall down with a ball of fire engulfing him.

“I quickly realised I had fire extinguishers on the van and I knew I could help so I slammed on the brakes and ran as quick as I could to assist. I wish all three people affected a quick recovery.”

All of the victims’ injuries were substantial and one was life threatening needing to be urgently transported to hospital by an air ambulance that was called to the scene and which landed on a nearby roadside grass verge.

Alex waited with the victims for the air ambulance, normal ambulances and fire brigade to arrive and then carried on with his day.

All of the victims are in a stable condition but with severe burns and remain in hospital.

A Real Roofing Hero

SPV Director Sandra Evans said, “We couldn’t be prouder of Alex. His quick thinking meant that he helped to save the lives of three people.

“Thank goodness Alex was there and he had fire extinguishers on him, otherwise it doesn’t bear thinking about what their injuries would have been.

“Alex is a real hero in our eyes and should be commended for his actions and bravery. We wish all three individuals a speedy recovery.”

The circumstances of how the fire started are currently being investigated by West Midlands Police and it is thought that the individuals concerned had been playing with petrol.

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