STA Welcomes Claire Perry Pledge on Solar Export to Grid

The Solar Trade Association (STA) has had a significant breakthrough for its #Fair4Solar campaign during the BEIS Select Committee Oral Questions.

The STA spearheaded the #Fair4Solar campaign to bring solar issues to the attention of the Energy Minister following a proposal to end the export tariff meaning homeowners would no longer be paid for rooftop solar panel energy they exported to the national grid.

During the questions, energy minister, Claire Perry, addressed the issue of fair payments for surplus electricity sold to the grid by stating: “solar power should not be provided to the grid for free.”

Responding to a question from Kevin Hollinrake MP, she said “I do completely agree that solar power should not be provided to the grid for free and that’s why I’ll shortly be announcing the next steps for small scale renewables.”

She also added in answer to a question from Richard Graham MP: “It would be wrong to have power provided to the grid for free,” and in reply to a question from Alan Whitehead MP, said, “People who have gone through the installation process should not be essentially captive takers should someone want to buy their energy and I’m looking forward to announcing some further deliberations on this shortly.”

STA Chief Executive, Chris Hewett said, “We are delighted that Claire Perry has now stated clearly that future small solar generators should receive payment for their exported electricity.

“STA had sent her a letter signed by over 350 organisations from across the solar, battery, electricity supplier industries and civil society seeking just such an assurance. As ever the devil is in the detail, so we now need to see the proposals and make sure they are in place from April 2019, but this is a good day for solar installers and prospective rooftop solar owners.”



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