Strong Growth Despite Material Shortage Challenges

Fatra UK, the specialist supplier of flat roofing solutions, is reporting its strongest growth in 24 years, despite the challenging materials issues.

Simon Dick, Commercial and Business Development Manager at Fatra UK, comments, “There is no doubt that the construction industry has experienced unprecedented times over the past 12 months and continues to do so as the industry recovers from the impact caused at the start of the pandemic and the uncertainty of what shape Brexit will take and what it will mean to supply chains.

“As the official government guidance on social distancing and working from home took hold and industries slowed down, the roads fell silent and haulage workers looked elsewhere for employment.

Delivery Times

“As lockdown eased and business started to return to a new normal, a shortage of drivers in the haulage network resulted in bottle necks at the distribution hubs, resulting in extended delivery times.

“Despite these challenges Fatra UK continued to maintain a next day delivery service to its loyal customers, and continues to do so today.

“Leaving the European Union has brought some difficult logistical challenges. With cost pressures on shipping container prices and the requirement to provide heat treated pallets, the costs associated with import and export have increased significantly over the past 12 months.

“Whatever your prediction on what effect Brexit might have on the construction industry, it is evident the sector is extremely buoyant. This is having an impact on raw material availability where demand is outstripping supply.

Fatra UK Growth

“Fatra UK is experiencing its strongest growth in 24 years, especially in the commercial sector, which continues to challenge all materials suppliers. Material shortage is a global issue, not unique to just flat roof waterproofing products.

“With shortages of raw materials affecting all disciplines of the industry and increasing costs in materials such as steel, aluminium, timber, cement, bitumen and polymers, principal contractors and their sub-contractors have some big challenges ahead. It therefore comes as no surprise that planning and commercial departments are having sleepless nights!”

Stock and Prices

Discussing the impact of the materials shortage crisis on Fatra UK’s prices, Simon continues: “Fatra UK has always remained consistent with price over the past 24 years and we only adjust our price structure when raw material pressures are put on the business. It has always been our policy to ensure our loyal customers are kept competitive.

“Working closely with the manufacturing facility in Napajedla, production planning is administered from Cardiff. This enables us to keep on top of UK stock levels and replenish accordingly to ensure continuity of supply to support our customers in maintaining their contractual programme commitments.

“We continue to monitor production capacity and don’t’ see the availability getting worse, however we don’t envisage any improvement until the spring of 2022 with certain product groups.

“With an extensive range of products to service the flat roof waterproofing sector we have the flexibility to provide a solution to suit our clients’ needs.

“Fatra remains committed to providing competitive flat roof waterproofing products to the commercial and domestic market.”

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