Temporary vs Permanent Boilers: The Main Differences and Benefits

temporary vs permanent boilers

EVERY INDUSTRIAL, construction and manufacturing company may face boiler failure and relevant issues from time to time. It not only leads to wasted time but also a loss of resources and energy. In the meantime, you have to start looking for a suitable boiler right again, which can be an exhausting process. When looking for a new boiler for your company, you must consider several factors, such as the cost and budget, time constraints, and most importantly, the type (temporary vs permanent boilers). Follow this guide to learn more about temporary and permanent boilers to distinguish between them and find the right one for your company.

Benefits of Temporary Boilers

As the name suggests, temporary boilers last for a shorter period of time but are more manageable. Here are some benefits of temporary boilers.


Needless to say, temporary solutions are more cost-effective and budget-friendly. If you are just starting out and do not have enough funds to carry out necessary company operations, a temporary boiler is your best choice. The money you save can be redirected to other operations and pay-outs, which can streamline your budget as well. Until you are ready to buy and install a permanent boiler, a temporary model is your ideal solution. With a fixed monthly pay-out and no maintenance costs, you can manage your money more easily.


Since temporary models are ready to be installed and come pre-assembled, you can easily fix it onsite without wasting a lot of time. This temporary solution is also hassle-free as you can avoid dealing with call-out charges. However, you have to hire an expert to install a temporary boiler to avoid hazards, accidents, or health repercussions. Ensure that the model you get is high-quality and is highly rated by experts. Consult the expert to get your boiler delivered onsite and get it installed as well.


Some even provide additional maintenance services, so remember to ask your provider about the same. Certain service providers use BMS Remote Monitoring, which keeps them informed about the boiler’s status and tracks its performance. BMS is one of the modern technologies used to detect issues in boilers. Some even use their own systems to tell if it is working properly or not. In case it doesn’t, they point it out even before the client knows, which enhances safety and saves money.

Benefits of Permanent Boilers

Permanent boilers may require a lot more money and time to be installed. However, if you want to permanently establish a construction site, this is an ideal option.


Permanent models are much safer to use. In the past, utilizing temporary equipment on company sites was not encouraged due to the absence of clear guidance and potential health hazards. With no official organization or a defined set of guidelines to mark safety measures of temporary boiler usage, a permanent model is your best solution in terms of safety.

Efficiency and Reliability

As mentioned, these are safer as they are installed with precision and supervision on the site. Depending on the model, they also consume less energy (not necessarily always but highly likely). This can help your company save money on bills. Depending on the energy transfer, input and output, and size of the model, you can tweak the performance of your equipment to save more energy and money. Naturally, with better performance, your boiler’s life will lengthen too.

One-time Investment

Even though permanent equipment initially costs more than the interim models, it lasts longer and saves you from the hassle of replacing it in the future. It not only saves money but also energy and time. The reduced bills also count for the saved money in the long run. Before you make a choice, ask around and look at multiple options.

Have you decided what type of boiler is ideal for your company? It depends on the duration of need and your budget. If you want a model that lasts less than 5 years, a temporary one is more suitable as it is more manageable as well. Additionally, you do not have to keep waiting for the separate parts of a permanent model to arrive. Since it takes time for permanent boilers to be set up onsite, your business tasks may also get delayed. However, they are safer and operate for a lifetime, thereby making it worth the time and money invested. If you are worried about the official guidelines, you can refer to the CEA BG08 guide before buying one as it provides a detailed framework about the legalities, maintenance, responsibilities, installation guidance (specifically for temporary boilers), operation, and design specifications to make an informed choice.

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