The Key to Sustainable Inner Strength? It’s no Mystery

Comprehensive Tyvek® and AirGuard® systems create a robust, airtight and energy-efficient building envelope… inside and out.

TYVEK HAS ALWAYS been a star performer, but now it comes with a complete cast of supporting players to enable easy installation, robust protection and greater energy-efficiency for the building envelope – in its entirety. With a range of advanced Tyvek Breather Membranes in specialised versions, plus smart AirGuard air and vapour control membranes (AVCLs) – and a fully comprehensive set of tapes and accessories, DuPont™ Tyvek offers an unrivalled system of products.

Additions to the specialised adhesive range make Tyvek the one-stop-shop for ensuring the integrity and airtightness of the building envelope, from timber frame housing to high-rise construction. With all the lasting quality and premium adhesion one would expect of the brand, many elements of this complete and compact offering are ‘universal’ products suited multiple applications, thus simplifying installation and saving on time and cost.

The Tyvek family of products comes with expert technical support from a global knowledge network to help construction projects meet every key target – from safety to sustainability. In today’s ‘climate’ can the industry afford to take a chance on anything less?

An enhanced range of tapes and accessories 
Tyvek and AirGuard accessories include products to answer the challenge of any combination of membranes, any type of penetration or repair, and are suited to all kinds of building materials and conditions. There is now an airtightness system for every need or application. Tyvek remains the product to trust for the external envelope, together with accessories, while the AirGuard brand ensures reliable airtightness to the interior, thus completing the offering for energy-efficient systems.

  • *NEW* Tyvek Double-sided Tape (Double-sided acrylic tape ideal for temporary fixings of a vapour control layer.)
  • *NEW* Tyvek Plastering Tape (High performance airtight and moisture adaptive carrier tape that can be rendered. It seals difficult areas such as windows, doors and timber to block connections. A product for both interior and exterior application.)
  • *NEW* AirGuard Sealant (An adhesive sealant for permanently elastic, airtight bonding of joints and structural connections, plus connections of AVCLs to many different surfaces.)
  • *NEW* Tyvek Primer (Transparent primer that is permanently tacky after curing, with a very fast curing time. It is recommended for high-porosity surfaces to create good adhesion.)
  • *NEW* AirGuard Tape (High performance flexible and hand-tearable tape to seal difficult areas such as corners inside the building with a very high tack)
  • ‘Rising Stars’ include: Tyvek FlexWrap EZ and NF (a high performance, flexible self-adhesive flashing tape for air and water tight seals around windows, doors, and multiple custom shapes or awkward penetrations.)
  • Reliable ‘All Stars’ include: Tyvek Acrylic, Tyvek Double-sided, Tyvek Butyl, and Tyvek Metallised

A brand for all seasons…
The Tyvek brand has it covered – for every regulation or specification and whether for installation to the interior or exterior of the envelope. All adhesive products work as part of optimal, holistic systems.

The AirGuard brand stands for high performance AVCLs and complementary accessories that make your building airtight from the inside.

Considering such a comprehensive and efficient offering, backed by proven reliability and expert service, why would responsible professionals choose any other system than Tyvek and AirGuard? Especially when every crucial box is ticked, from air and water tightness, to moisture control, durability, ease of installation… and vitally, improved energy performance in buildings.

For more information about DuPont Tyvek, AirGuard and accessories please visit: or  or call 08444 068 722.



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