The Latest ‘Light Bulb’ Moment…

HAMBLESIDE DANELAW is set to welcome the new decade in its usual style, with another pioneering development.

The company’s latest ‘light bulb’ moment builds on Hambleside Danelaw’s heritage of applying innovative techniques to solve the common, practical problems faced by roofing contractors.

“We have always looked to find more efficient means of doing things,” says Ian Weakford, Sales & Marketing Director.

“When we first began producing GRP components over 40 years ago, we needed to find a way to automate the GRP manufacturing process- by experimentation, the solution used was strategically placed light bulbs to provide the heat to trigger the thermostatic reaction.

“Light bulbs are now more figurative in our product evolution: we pride ourselves on finding new, more efficient solutions to daily issues facing our customers.”

The new product will be officially unveiled here in January: watch this space to be enlightened…..



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