The Top Four Causes of Roof Damage

ROOFING CONTRACTORS often stress to their homeowner customers how vital it is to maintain their roofs, otherwise repairs can become expensive. Defective roofing can create significant costs and a lot of other problems if left unchecked.

Most roofs cannot be repaired until specialist roofing contractors have performed an inspection, and this is where roofing companies like Avenir Roofing come into play.

In this post, Avenir, a specialist roofing company, discusses the top four causes of roof damage and how to spot defects before they become heavy on your back pocket.

Extreme Weather Conditions

Adverse weather conditions are one of the main causes of roof defects. Weather conditions like snow, high winds, and ice can gradually create prolonged damage to roofs over time.

High winds create wind uplift pressure on the roof, which can cause tiles to loosen, exposing timbers and insulation and ultimately damaging the property.

It is also quite common to see flying debris such as tree branches and general debris, which can dislodge and damage roof tiling. When the likes of wind damage occurs, water damage will eventually follow if the roof is left unmaintained. This has the potential to create expensive further damage to a property, so it’s crucial that home occupiers are encouraged to hire a specialist roofing contractor to carry out the correct inspections to address roof damage before it becomes disastrous.

Ageing Roof

Even the best constructed roof will eventually begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. Most roof tile manufacturers offer guarantees of 10-15 years on a new roof. When it’s time for your customer to consider a re-roof, this is the perfect opportunity to consider looking into different materials.

Both environmentally friendly, highly flexible and with a life expectancy of 50 years, Rubber Roofs provides homeowners with EPDM rubber roofing. This type of roofing material is perfect for house extensions, which have become so very popular in the last decade or so.

To feel confident that the rubber roof you have installed will provide a long, problem-free life, check out the installation guides and rubber roof video tutorials from Rubba-Seal, which illustrate how EPDM rubber roofs are fitted to provide homeowners with high-quality, lifelong roofing that they can rely on.

Water damage

Another problematic issue for roofs is heavy rain as it can lead to blocked gutters and other problems. Leaking roofs are common signs of expired materials that may have been used to build the original roof, which means it’s important that it is replaced or repaired as soon as possible.

In some areas of the UK, snow or water can create serious roof problems, as ice can form over drains and gutters, leading to a pool of standing water on the roof. Water would then begin to erode the roof covering, creating damp in the home, subsequently bringing a multitude of problems, including mould growth.

However, all these problems can be easily solved with proper maintenance and care of roofs. When homeowners feel like their roof is in need of an upgrade, they should be encouraged to only contact a roofing specialist that they know they can trust.

Poor Installation

Roofs need constant maintenance, it’s important to check for any cracks or leaks especially once the harsh winter weather has begun to settle down.

Householders should always consult with a professional roofer if they face any problems so that any damage is repaired in a timely manner.

They should have a certified professional inspect their roof when looking to have it repaired. The faster damage is spotted, the faster any potential problems can be headed off.

Householders, or anyone unqualified in working at height, should never go on to a roof themselves or attempt to fix leaks. This has the potential to cause even more roof damage, invalidate any insurance claim, and, most importantly, is very dangerous. So, the message to all householders and homeowners is avoid any potential defects by turning to a roof repair specialist.



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