UK’s First Tree Shelter Collection & Recycling Scheme Now Live

THE TREE SHELTER Collection and Recycling Programme is the first of its kind in the UK and ensures responsible disposal of the plastic tree sleeves.

Landscaping suppliers, Green-tech has been vocal about its mission to reduce plastic in the landscape market and this has gathered momentum over the past 18 months.

Green-Tech Sales Director, Richard Gill said, “We are under no illusion that plastic cannot be eradicated from our everyday lives, however, we believe our approach to plastic as an industry can change. We have been working closely with Tubex, the largest UK manufacturer of tree protection products, to find a recycling solution for tree shelters and tubes that have reached their end of life.”

Simple Recycling Scheme

This much-needed initiative provides a second-life for the plastics used in the manufacture of tree shelters and tubes. A recycling-scheme that is uncomplicated, simple to execute and an affordable offering to the landscape market.

Richard continues, “There has been a lot of work behind the scenes to make this project simple to execute, easy to manage and most importantly affordable to use.”

The new, not-for-profit initiative completes the loop to ensure responsible disposal of tree shelters is within reach for everyone. The steps are as follows:

  1. When Tubex products are ready for removal from trees or shrubs, place an order for bulk recycling sacks with Green-tech. If well stacked, approximately 350 to 400 Tubex Standard Shelters (1.2m) will fill a bulk recycling sack.
  2. Fill the bulk bags with the removed Tubex tree shelters.
  3. Once full, the bags will be collected and transported to the Tubex recycling plant.
  4. At the recycling plant, they are washed and recycled into PP pellets.
  5. The recycled PP pellets will then have a ‘second-life’ incorporated into other Berry Global products, including Tubex.

For more details on the Tree Shelter Collection and Recycling Programme, call the Green-tech team on 01423 332 100 or email



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